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If you are in need of Prayers please send us an e-mail by clicking below or you can send us an e-mail at

To e-mail us click here.

Prayer is a powerful thing, and it would be a blessing to us if we could pray for you. If you want your prayer request to be posted on this web page so as many people as possible will pray for you, all you need to do is tell us in your e-mail, and we will place it here. Otherwise we will keep your prayer request private.

Please keep the Men and women who are in the military in your prayers. Abraham Lincoln once said"The will of God prevails. In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. God cannot be for and against the same thing at the same time." Let us pray that our nation is doing the right thing in His sight.

From Pat Fulton

Please pray for my Grandson Christopher. He went to S.F. last night for a new kidney.
Won't know until later if the surgery will work out.

UPDATE: Christopher is now home from the hospital, but still needs your prayers during his recovery.

Thank You

From Sharon

Please pray for Jessie. She suffered head injuries earlier this year
and her condition is worsening. She is unable to stay in school for  long periods of time due to dizziness and headaches. She is in pain  every day, and it's affecting her in many ways. Please pray that God's will is done in her life and that she can be healed.

Thank you

From Tim Malaney

We need to continue to pray for the Leaders of the Lord's church and for future leaders of the Lords Church. Those who are making decisions and continue to make decisions to continue to Keep the church on the right path with the goals that they have outlined for the brethren.

 Tim Melany

From Cheryl

Please pray for Cheryl and her son. The marriage between her and her husband broke up and she is feeling very hurt, and humiliated. She is worried about what the future will hold for her too. Please pray for her that she can lean on God, and trust in Him. Cheryl also put aside her pain and asked for prayers for her husband and the other woman that they come into a good and true relationship with God and see the error of their ways.


From Robbie

I had asked you to pray for my daughter Sarah that she would get into nursing school this fall. Well I am happy to report that she did get in after someone else dropped out. Now the real work begins. I appreciate your prayers so much. If we should come to your mind in the future I would appreciate your prayers for us. For Sarah, that she will persevere in school and finish well and that she will continue to look to God and grow in grace. For my son-in-law that he will turn his life over to God and for me that I will be faithful in prayer and trust God completely. Thank you for praying for someone you don't even know. You have blessed and encouraged me.


From Cheryl

Please pray for Cheryl and her son. The marriage between her and her husband broke up and she is feeling very hurt, and humiliated. She is worried about what the future will hold for her too. Please pray for her that she can lean on God, and trust in Him. Cheryl also put aside her pain and asked for prayers for her husband and the other woman that they come into a good and true relationship with God and see the error of their ways.


From Sharon

I'm sending this e-mail requesting prayers for my friend Mary. As many of you already know, in 10/03 Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer. Later, they found a spot on her lung that was also cancer. She responded well to treatment and was hoping to continue her recovery when she had a seizure on 9/30/04. Test results found 2 tumors in her brain. Yes, more cancer. Again, she received treatment with hopes of reducing the size of the tumors. On 12/24/04, she found out one tumor responded to treatment, but not the other. On 1/17/05, Mary will undergo a procedure to attack that tumor.

Mary is a strong young lady and she believes in the power of prayer. Please pray for her & her family. She is married and has 3 sons (7, 8 & 10yrs old).

Thank you and God Bless,

From Sue

Sue e-mailed us about a young girl who needs a loving home to live in. She is currently staying in a home that can't keep her, and they are searching for another Christian home that can help her out. Please pray that their efforts are successful.


From Bret and Kelly

Praise God that Elizabeth Luedke was able to go home. She still has a long road to recovery, so keep praying for her and her family.


Pray for Heather to be healed of her disorder. Pray that she will accept Jesus as her savior. Pray that she can forgive herself and others and return home to the family she left. Pray that her guilt, anger, fear, shame and pride be taken away. Pray for her clarity of mind and to see and accept the truth.


From Joe Bradley

I am sending this email to several Churches of Christ asking them to please pray for Sasha Bradley, My niece, who is at St. Josephs Memorial Hospital's Acute Pyschiatric Care Unit. Please pray for her healing and that thru this that it causes her to turn her life around into a Godly life. Her condition is very bad, she and we, her family desparately need the prayers of the Church.

Thank You and God Bless
Joe Bradley Thanks

From Stacy

Please help us pray for Bob. He goes back to court the 28th and belives he is going to prison. Please let it be in God's will to Alow him to stay home with his doughter.

From Thomas

I'd like to ask for a Prayer for those of us dealing with the Attention Deficit Disorder. We'd like some success over the problems of starting a thought and loosing it before it's finished. For having to read and re-read everything in print. Our frustrations make it sometimes difficult surviving in a competitive world. Pray that our medications will work.

Thank you
God bless you.

From Helen

My son Craig is 6 years old with cancer. Please pray for his complete healing on Earth and no recurrences. His website is Please take a moment and sign his guestbook so that we know that you are praying for him. Please forward this email on to other prayer chains for prayers,

Love, Helen

From Libbie

Dear Bothers and Sisters,

Please pray for me. I am trying so hard to get thing right for my family and me. I have been trying to find a pernmant job and haven't been able to get one. I applied for a collection job and have gone thru two interviews and have checked back with them and they are still hiring and this is a huge company that offers everything as well as a 401k and has its own Credit Union on site. I do know allot of people currently working there and they have told me they gave good recommendations for me. I am praying that it will be God's will and that He will bless me with this job.

Please pray for Elizabeth who is struggling with school (G.E.D.) and her children and doesn't want to go back to church.

John is in college and in his last year.

Brenda who has been getting allot of headaches, she is an epileptic and doesn't take medicine anymore.

Faith-Amor who is currently sick with a running nose and cough and is

Thank you,
Have a wonderful Jesus Day

From Mark

A prayer request for Sarah

Hello there is a young lady in Washington that was rushed to the hospital today with TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and the flu. Her blood pressure is unstable I am asking any one who can, to pray for this young lady. She is in college and hasnít even really started her life as an adult yet. The doctors are doing all they can but the power of prayer is magical.

Thank you

From Joy

Hi everyone, I am asking for prayers for my son Caylan, He is to be deployed to Iraq the first of January, and also for his wife Julia.

Love, Joy

From Carlos

I saw your web page and take this e-address. I am a preacher of the gospel od Jesus in Spanish, I leve in Argentina South America. Mi wife has cancer, please pray for she. Next month she will have a surgery in the hospital.

Have you a good day.

From Jose

Jose is asking for prayers that the situation with his ex-wife be resolved. He is asking for prayers that he can handle the stress that has come with these challenges in a way that will please God.

Please keep Joyce in your prayers, She is going to have heart valve surgery soon.

Thanks, Doug

Dear Friend in Christ Jesus,

Praise God; Please pray for my wife Gmol who has been separate from me for the last 4 month. I love her more than anything in this world. Please pray to God to bring back her and be united once again in Christ Jesus forever.

Thank You.

With Love
Blesson Gmol

From Carla

Please pray for Carla's friend Mary and her family. She found out earlier this week that the cancer has spread.

Thank you.

From Virginia

My father had a massive stroke on Sept 12th and slipped into a coma in the ER. He is still in critical condition and in a coma. Doctors say the longer he stays in the coma, the less functionality he'll have when he awakes. If he doesn't awake, he'll be considered a "vegetable". Please pray that he awakes soon and needs little or no rehabilitation.

Thank you.

From Kathy

I would like to request prayer for my brother, Mike and my family.

Mike was Recently injured badly in an accident. The details can be found at the following web site set up by his sister Kathy. The link is:

From Kevin

My father has severe lung ailments. Please pray for him.

Thank You and God Bless You.

From Barbara Please pray for my 22 year old son Ryan who is in a treatment center for his alcohol addiction. Please pray God will set him free and help him find a job when he completes the program.
Thank you so much and God Bless, Barbara

Please keep those with SARS in your prayers.

From Jason

Hello, My name is SSgt. Jason A. Veigl. I am currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My wife has recently filed for divorce. I do not want this divorce, or the pain that it is going to cause my 2 year old child. Please pray for us to reconcile. I am going to do my part, try to hear from God, and worship Him every day of my life. I am out of Barkdale AFB, in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana. I got to Word Of Life Center, with Pastor Sam Carr. Thanks for your prayers on this. I really need all the prayers I can get. Your fellow Christian, Jason A. Veigl SSgt. United States Air Force

From: Maria

I need a prayer desperately about my husband, I am troubled right now because my husband has pneumonia and he still smoke. I want my husband to get healed, I need God's mercy of healing and I hope my husband will stay away from smoking, it is hard for him, he is addicted that's why probably he is sick. I am a believer in Christ and got baptized in the Church of Christ, I found it easier to tell my burden on the online prayer request like this, thank you, please help me in praying for healing for my husband.
May God bless you richly

From: Steve

Dear friends,

Kelly has been the love of my life since September; she is in need of prayer right now. Kelly is facing some tough family issues that are causing her much worry and stress. She is concerned about entering a state of depression, and possibly affecting me adversely. Please pray with me that God will give Kelly strength, wisdom, and free her from her worries as only he can.

Thank you,

From: Michelle

About a year ago I went thru a really bad time in my life. I took a couple things from my job, lost a baby, drank a lot, and basically stopped caring. I relocated to a different state in August of this year and I have made amazing changes in my life. I began going to church, started a charity, and have a very happy life. However, now it is time to go to court for the things I took. My prayer request is that I am able to stay in my new life and continue to grow in Christ. I pray that I can overcome my past and make a difference with my life.